I Didn’t Know They Were Husband And Wife

My undergraduate final year project supervisors were a man and a woman. I was in Engineering school for 4 years without knowing that these two were a couple. I only knew when I was defending my project; which was a month before my graduation. The woman doesn’t bear her husband’s name. They’ve been married for 30 something years mind.
The husband is a Dr. Of Engineering; while she is a Dr of Engineering Law (Barr). She prefers to be called by her first name ‘Katryn’, or Dr. ******** (her maiden name). Of course she isn’t Nigerian, she is caucasian British. If she was Nigerian, she would have insisted we address her as Engr. Barr. Dr. MRS. Katryn ****** (Husband’s name).
I adore this woman because I love it when I can recognize a woman’s achievements without being distracted by her marital status. I hope to get married someday; but I would like people to recognize my achievements without necessarily having to be distracted by my marital status. Katryn is the kind of woman I would want to be career wise. Thus she inspired my decision to go for an LLM after my Engineering degree. (I want to be Engr. Barr. Dr. someday too)
Nigerians are so obsessed with titles, but one question I ask is; why address a female married Doctor as Dr. Mrs while we don’t address the man as Dr. Mr.?
I have asked this question in the past and all I got was that it is to emphasize the woman’s marital status. Ok, what about also emphasizing the man’s marital status with a Mr.?
Note: I have observed this trend only amongst Nigerians and a few other Africans.
By normal standard, a Dr. Pharm. Engr. Barr. Arch… etc is what s/he is. Their achievements aren’t linked with their marital status with a Mr. Or Mrs.

Written by Nkechi Bianze

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