How to Treat a Man So That He Doesn’t Cheat

Keep in touch throughout the day. Both partners should work hard not to withdraw. In order to have a positive relationship, you need to communicate on a constant basis. [1]It’s important not to let things fester. You need to be so on top of your relationship that you spot little changes in the dynamic before they become big changes.
Talk to him about his day – every day. Text him an “I love you” or call him during the day to see how his day is going. [2]Don’t do this so much you’re disrupting his work, but do it here or there to let him know you’re thinking about him.

Every single day ask him this question: “How was your day?” This lets him know you care, and it creates bonding to share positive or even negative experiences. Don’t forget the art of listening. It’s really important in relationships. [3]

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