For Those In Long Distance Relationship: Spend Time Together Online

A good way to show your boyfriend or girlfriend that you care is to find ways to spend time with him or her online. Talking on messenger programs can become boring after a while especially if it’s hard to find topics to talk about. Try playing online games together that put you on the same team and also play games where you have to beat each other to win. Maybe you can play truth or dare. Another idea is to watch an online movie together. Your guy or girl will enjoy hanging out online doing different things with you. A girl said that one of the best things she did for her relationship was to buy a video game console so her boyfriend and her could play a variety of cool games while talking on a microphone.

I have a good friend, Lulu… yes the beautiful Lulu that you see her beautiful pictures on Abel Abel, she has been a good friend for ages. Not a girlfriend but our friendship has been so strong. Sometimes we will be on via facebook, skype or BBM call… we will gist different things and share different things. She will even crack me up and I will laugh like never before!

Try it, it’s awesome!

credit to All women talk for inspiring this write up ūüôā

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