Does The University You Go Determine How Successful You Will Be?

Going to a prestigious university is like wearing fancy clothes. They’ll get you noticed and might even influence what other’s think of you, but in the end you’ll have to prove that you’re valuable company. Likewise with a degree from a prestigious university, yes, it might get you hired – but that says nothing about how long you’ll stay hired.

Let’s go further than this. A word of advice is to never stop learning.

Many walk away from school and cease to learn. They don’t adapt. They don’t stay current. They lose the student mentality and humility needed to learn and stay abreast with developments. Don’t be like them. They’re easily dislodged by the new batch of graduates who are current, have more ambition, greater hunger, and are willing to be paid less. Benefit from the years “under your belt” by gaining experience upon knowledge. Then rather than being a commodity, you’ll be a valuable asset.

University, can be a great place to gain learning. What you don’t learn in Uni, you’ll certainly learn outside Uni in life. Happy is the person who is easily taught in both places.
In the broader sense..

Along the well trodden path of professional employment, you’ll find your definition of success changes. Your aspirations change. Your insurance premiums change.

Success is your own measure of your achievements. Value is someone else’s measure of your achievements, usually tied to the perceived benefit they’ve felt towards your achievements. Generally the more people are benefited by your achievements, the more valuable you are.

Written by Marhes Marhessy on Quora

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