Doctors In Shock After Delivering Baby Boy With A Headless Twin Attached

Imagine, someone giving birth to twin but one of them is without head? Accoutering to a report by, Doctors in India claim to have delivered a baby boy with the arms and legs of his headless parasitic twin jutting out of his tiny body.

PAY-Parasitic-twin (1)

In what a paediatrician has described as “a rare case”, the boy is fully-formed, while his parasitic twin has its hands, legs, bladder, anus and excretory system intact.

The twin’s heart, kidneys and head are said to be missing.

Medics said they were planning surgery to remove the arms and legs of the boy’s parasitic twin as soon as possible, providing his condition is stable enough.

They are confident the boy will go on to lead a healthy life.

The Mother, 24, gave birth naturally on November 25 at a government health centre and was later moved to the Institute of Child Health (ICH), a state hospital, in Chennai.

The baby is under medical observation in the neonatal intensive care unit at ICH and doctors are hoping to perform surgery to detach the limbs in the near future.

Doctors said they were conducting tests to establish the risks of surgery, which will be at no cost to the family.

Dr Srinivasan, a government paediatric physician who helped the family before they were referred to ICH, said: “It’s most definitely a rare case.

“We cannot yet determine the long-term health of the stronger baby but doctors are hopeful surgery will be successful.

“It is concluded that doctors will remove the limbs of the parasitic twin so that the fully-formed baby can grow into a normal toddler and have a glowing future.”

Parasitic twins are usually the result of a delay in the separation of embryos during conception.

They form when one embryo maintains a dominant development at the expense of the other and are most common in South East Asia, Brazil and Africa.

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