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Do You Think All Hope Is Lost? Then Read This!

Here is a story shared in today’s Service by our distinguished Elder, Ifreke Oboh

A man was trapped in a wilderness. There was a plane crash and he was the only survivor.

He had no phone and no idea how to get out of the wilderness. He didn’t even know where he was.

There could be wild animals in that wilderness waiting to eat him alive.

He was so scared. He prayed to God and asked him for help.

It was getting very cold. He worked hard, using his skills and what he could find to construct a place to sleep that night.

After the construction, he wandered far away to study the wilderness.

When he returned, the little house he constructed was on fire. It was burning.

The man became angry. He cursed God. He was bitter! He needed God to help him but now the place he laboured to build has been consumed by fire? How did the fire come about? Why dint God stop it? How will he sleep? Will the wild animals come get him at night?

As he was standing there lamenting, lost for words…. after about one hour, three man who are sailors arrived… running there.

The man was surprised, he asked them who they are and how they know someone was there.

The sailors said they were passing in their ship and noticed the flames. They were shocked how a fire will be burning in a deadly wilderness with no human being. So they decided to come and check.

That is how the sailors helped take him out of the wilderness

Moral of the story? God sent the fire to burn what the man has built so that he can get him out of his deadly situation.

Happy Sunday my people

Written by mfonabel

Mfon Abel Ekene is a widely published blog scientist, writer and speaker. Started blogging in 2008 and has been featured in numerous international platforms. His blog Abel Abel is currently one of the most read blog in Africa.

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