Do Women Want Sex When They Are Pregnant?

Thought from pregnant women!

Well for some Women, Hormones are raging during pregnancy, so that can increase her sex drive. But, a lot of women who suffer from exhaustion, bad nausea or constipation report lower sex drives – for obvious reasons. Usually the second trimester is the best time “sex wise” because the morning sickness and fatigue have subsided, but she’s not too huge yet!

Some said, I wanted sex right up until I went in to have my first two children, when pregnant with my third though things were different. It was uncomfortable, painful at times, and I got nothing out of it. I think it just depends on the woman and how her body is feeling.

Other said, Each women is different with my first pregnancy couldnt get enough lol my second pregnancy didnt want it at all, i have friends who didnt want to at all when they were pregnant and others who loved it, so there is no definite answer it all depends on the women and her mood.

some women are completely repulsed by sex while others are complete Honey all the time, Lol. as for me, my sexual hormones went out the roof!!! I cannot keep my hands off my husband…

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