Dear Parents of my generation…

Please don’t make the mistakes our parents made. On the average, puberty age for girls ranges between 10-14; while it is 12-16 for guys. Thus, it isn’t a taboo for your 13 year old child to start feeling sexual at that age.

We adults were all 13 at some point. Although our parents tried to beat and scare a natural psychological development out of us; we all remember that we actually started feeling sexual at about that age. By ‘sexual’, I don’t mean sexually active, I mean starting to have thoughts and fantasies of sex, attraction towards the opposite gender, and even feeling shy for no reason.

We may pretend to be too holy that some of us might even want to deny it, but it’s actually a normal stage of growing into an adult. As we experience physical changes during puberty such as menstruation and wet dreams; so also we experience psychological changes. The issue is; we Africans try to suppress the psychological ones till we’re ready for them. This actually does more harm than good most often than not.

Please do not beat or scold your kids for expressing such sexuality. Rather, guide them through the right part. Teach them sex education as soon as they can understand it.
Maybe, just maybe we could prevent a whole lot of generational problems by so doing.

Written by Nkechi Bianze

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