Dear Abel Abel, I Need Your Advice Please

Good morning, I need your advice please,,,, a guy sent me a request on Facebook and we began chatting then we exchanged numbers and began communication he asked me out but didn’t take it serious as he jokes about everything so somewhere along the way i met someone and fell in love with him but unfortunately he didn’t feel that way cos he told me he does not want any serious relationship (meanwhile i found out they were friends)but the other guy is always calling wanting to see me but i never gave him the opportunity, we had sex with the new guy (the
last one i met ) and then the first one came back and keep calling then i finally agreed to meet him, when we met he was serious about going out with me so i told him about his friend and i though excluding the sex part after telling him he said he didn’t care and that he even loves me more for telling him the truth that even if we had sex with his friend it was not gonna change a thing, so i asked the second guy just to be sure and he still told me the same thing that he does not love me now the issue is should i accept to date the first guy or should i leave them both ??


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