7 Types of Lights Ladies Show to Guys, Take Note

Couple enjoying dinner --- Image by © JLP/Jose L. Pelaez/Corbis

1. Green Light
This is the kind of light she shows when she likes you. Just “Like” for a start…A Green Light tells you to respond to her: talk to her. It doesn’t really mean she loves you, yet. Mind you, she hasn’t gotten to really know. Green light is mostly used today on a selfish/ temporary/lustful platform. Haven’t you ever thought a girl was “eyeing” you, only to go closer, gets her number then the relationship dies after two weeks? Green light isn’t enough, bro.

2. Red light
This is also known as Dismissal Light. As you all know, this is the kinda light she shows when she doesn’t see a future with you. Some features and signs you’ll see are:

a. She shows no excitement when you call.
b. She gets angry at every of your mistake.
c. Of course, she replies you with K,kk or kkk and that takes hours…etc.

3. Yellow Light
This light doesn’t necessarily tell you to approach. That’s that situation when you ask her out and she tells you, “I’ll think/pray about it” or “Give me some time”. That keeps you holding out for a while. ‘For awhile’…it shouldn’t exceed that. Don’t be friend- zoned in 2016, please!

4. Grey Light
This is also called the “Light of a Cheating Girl”. This kind of light is like a chameleon. It changes with environment or monetary involvement. Such a girl is most likely a Flirt: The more you look, the less you see. Watch out for this kinda light. She hugs and plays with your hair as though she cares, But right before you, she picks the call one of her boyfriends. Such girls ain’t loyal. Don’t tread too fast!

5. Black Light
I dunno if you have been there when you don’t know why she is around you. Isn’t apparently for sex and she tells you No. Does she have a guy? No. Is she willing to have one? No. No friends. No Boyfriends. No girlfriends. Just you. This is a Black Light. Run, bro. You might a means to a babalawo-end. wink

6. White Light
This is also known as a Diamond Light. This light exceeds the Green Light. It is love and acceptance based on knowledge of the guy. The white light is the truest light that brightens and sustains a mature relationship. He doesn’t have to say to her, “I love you”. He proves it by switching on the white light.

7. ROYGBIV Light
This is nicknamed, Multiple Light. When she gives you SEVEN parts of her in SEVEN days of a week: This is that kinda light. Unpredictably annoying! Unnecessary mood swings! A glaring light that tells you, “I’m not willing to change because of anyone, not even you!”

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