Woman Tells Court To Dissolve Her Marriage Because She Is Starved Of Sex By Husband

Latifat Adeleke, a middle age woman in Ibadan Nigeria has asked a Customary Court to dissolve her marriage with Adetola Adeleke, because she is starved of sex by her husband.

Latifat, who is a trader in her petition to the court said;

“Adeleke has over three to four years now, failed in his responsibilities as a husband towards me and as a father to his two children.

“The worst of all, my Lord, is that he has kept away from having sexual intercourse with me which greatly saddens my heart.

“We no longer stay together and the bond of love between us has disappeared,” she said

However, the husband denied the allegations;

“My lord, this year alone, Latifat has dubiously obtained close to N300, 000 from me in the name of celebrating birthday for our children.

“I once caught her red-handed with her lover on our matrimonial bed.

“When I asked her if what she did was right or not, there was no remorse, even when it actually happened on our matrimonial home,” he said.

“She has been involved in all manners of atrocities; this is why I called it all off with her.

“Please, my Lord, I don’t want her to take custody of the eight and six year-old children, because she doesn’t stay around; Latifat keeps going to parties,” he told the court.

the Judged asked each person to provide evidence of their claim.

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