26-Year-Old Man Commits Suicide After Break-Up With His Girlfriend, Send His Mum A Video But She Saw It Late

A mother could not save her 26-year-old son from committing suicide after watching the video he sent her late.
Mirror UK reports that he had recorded a video telling his mum he was going to commit suicide – but she saw it too late.

Craig Westby, 26, hanged himself at his home after sending the video to his mother.

An inquest heard today that he was “losing interest in life” following the split from his girlfriend.

His mum only received the video six hours later by which time it was too late to save her son.

Mr Westby’s body was found at his home after he failed to turn up to work on July 2.

The Mum said “He became upset at the beginning of the year when he broke up with his girlfriend,” she said.

“He used to send me texts saying ‘this life is not for me’ and ‘I can’t deal with it’.

“I used to try and talk him around and make things OK. I didn’t really think he was serious.

“He had talked about killing himself before and it upset me quite a lot and upset everybody else in the family, so I didn’t tell anybody about the texts.”

Three days before he died, Craig, who worked as a storeman, sent another text his mum.

He asked her which would be the best method to kill himself.

She added: “I ignored it and tried to talk about other things and be positive with him.

“I didn’t acknowledge the question.”

However at 1am on July 2, Craig sent his mother a picture and a video of himself preparing to take his own life.

The inquest at Stoke-on-Trent heard that she did not receive the messages until 7am.

Craig, a father-of-one, had become depressed and had “lost interest in everything” after breaking up with his girlfriend in January.

His step-father Alexander found his body at the young man’s home in Chesterton, Stoke-on-Trent.


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