Wow! Davido Did This!

Who say in Nigeria that the rich is far from the poor and that there’s no hope for the poor people should rethink because hope has been rekindled for Abubakar, A young lad who will receive a formal education from his primary level up to the university. Guess who will be paying the bills? It is your favorite music star, Davido! You may want to call him Omobabaolowo, you are not wrong.

Davido whose passion and love for children has not been hidden as he recently took to his Facebook page ( to post “can’t wait to meet ABUBAKAR and send him to school .. He deserves the world! … Every child deserves an education but it’s sad that , that is not the case in the world today but if we all do our part the world would be a better place! GOD BLESS HIS SOUL I AM READY To give his education till he finishes university MY WORD!” If he did has he has said we will have one potential leader in Nigeria

with the hope of other children coming after him with a smile on their faces too. Such a person will not forget the good deed and will want to replicate the same.

Educating the young ones such has Abubakar and other children who may not have access to quality formal education can help reduce the amount of money poured in to fighting insecurity in Nigeria in the later future. Davido has not only made us proud but has proven to the country the reason for the self acclaimed Omobaba Olowo.

It is time the government and other big money makers in Nigeria focuses more on the educational sector in Nigeria by Allocating more budget into education in Nigeria.

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