When A Mother Rejects Her Child Even In The Womb

These days babies are seen on door post, gutters, dustbins and so on. And some are sold for little amount just to survive. Some people have created baby factories where one can easily walk in and purchase a baby like a shoe.

Children are beautiful addition to the family. The fulfillment of parents is to see their child who will keep the family going when they leave the surface of the earth. For instance in royal families where the need for a prince is very important for sustenance of the royal lineage.

Some people are blessed with so many children and it seems those who can’t cater for their children well enough, have the highest no of them. On the other hand, some have just one or two and they are satisfied with that.

Anyway, so many people out there are still looking for the fruit of the womb and some may not have a single child because the doctor have told them so, and they themselves have given up on the search for their own child but rather, adopting one or more from the motherless baby’s home. But nevertheless i have heard and seen cases where after a long search there was finally a reward for their patience and inner belief and faith in God.

I focus my attention about the youth and children most especially, because of the utmost love and the importance I have for them. In a literal sense one can say we are all children considering the fact that we are born of a woman but the place of a child can not be overwhelming in the family or in the society at large.

The joy of every couple is to see them have a baby to crown a beautiful family, whereas you can say a complete happy family.

It gladdens my heart to see that children are born into the planet despite the ever increasing size of the world population. They have unique characteristics which adds beauty to life:

Children brings fulfillment, when their cry disturbs a mother from her sleep and she wakes up only to see that the baby’s diaper has to be changed and all she does is wash and pet him/her back to sleep.

They bring happiness and joy when their laughter surrounds the building and everyone is laughing without anything serious but to the amazement that the baby has said ‘dada’ for the first time.

Brings unity in the home when grand mother has come to pay visit and take care of the baby for a long period time (omugwor as fondly called in igbo land. It is about 2-3 months period).

Peace when you have a beautiful baby whom every one wants to carry and all you do is to sit there and watch with a sigh of relief and a smile in your face.

However, despite all, some people have made children lose their place of importance in the family and in the society. Children have been given birth to out of wedlock and in most cases the parents of the children in question has shown less or no interest in taking care or ownership of them.

This has resulted to more children found in different parts of the society abandoned to the help of nobody. This days babies are dumped and seen in door posts, gutters, dustbins and so on and some are sold for little amount just to survive. Some people have created illegal baby factories where one can easily walk in and purchase a baby like a shoe.

It pains me to see that this is happening, where the love of a mother has suddenly become wax cooled. It should be a thing of concern for us to demand the causes and reasons for it.

Inevitably, poverty has always been a major cause of this. A mother who can’t afford to feed herself for 2 meal a day, let alone a complete 3 square meal can easily refuse to take possession of her baby because she does not want to feed an ‘extra mouth’.

Peer pressure could also influence one not to keep a child.

The fear of the future where a mother thinks her child will become a nobody under his care because of her present condition and what she has been through in the past.

Some girls have been raped by unknown men and even at times by ‘known men’ (relatives and friends). But to the fear of abortion, they kept the pregnancy. Because they don’t want to give birth to, or have a bastard as a child, they dump the baby or sell off the baby.
There are so many others but just to mention a few.

Generally, children should not be neglected, they should be taking care of. No child should be abandoned or left to the care of nobody on the street, they should be sheltered and fed. No child should be sold in the so called baby factories. A child has no price tag!!! We should love and cherish them. They are a gift.

Everyone has a role to play in making sure that the society is clean of unwanted children (‘born trowey’).

The government should create more opportunities for the youth so they can focus more on the future rather than fulfilling their immediate self pleasure. even the youth themselves should engage in something lucrative for themselves and help reduce the rate of joblessness in the society.

A society where education is poorly funded is prone to this and many more. So therefore, education should be a priority in every society.

We can create a world where a child is loved and cared for. And it all begins with you and I.

Written by By Gabriel Usen Amos, an Abel Abel contributor. Click here to follow him on facebook Or You can find him on twitter @UsenGabriel

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