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A growing online publishing enterprise, based in Lagos, Nigeria, requires the services of the following strategic hires to drive its expansion plans:

The Senior Content Manager directs the editorial content initiatives of the company’s products and services, across all platforms and formats, and leads the editorial team in audience targeting and segmentation, content production and distribution, and analytics and performance measurement.
He/She collaborates with the marketing, customer service, information technology and human resources teams to leverage the company’s products and services in providing solutions to the problems of the company’s target audience.

Job Description The Senior Content Manager thinks like a journalist, editor and publisher, and animates the company’s Online Publishing Strategy. He/she develops and presents multimedia content to drive present and future publishing and business goals. Specifically, the assignment of the Senior Content Manager is to:
• Provide audience-focused content, for all content channels, including print, digital, audio, video, social media, and mobile.
• Evolve and execute a content strategy that supports marketing initiatives.
• Create a multi-channel content calendar, with each channel targeted at a clearly-defined audience.
• Manage a team of content strategists, reporters, writers, and editors, and hold each member to the highest achievable standard in grammar, writing, and style.
• Align content creating activities with conventional marketing programmes.
• Develop and implement human and technological systems and best practices for the creation, distribution, maintenance, retrieval and repurposing of content.
• Use market information to develop content themes and topics, and deploy same in support of a point of view.
• Work with the technology team to implement a Content Management System for ordering, receiving, editing, publishing and re-distributing multi-media, multi-channel content.

• Work with the Senior Technology Manager and/or the Web and Graphic Design team to prepare and present company products and services across multiple channels.
Education and Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Mass Communication, Business, Politics or related disciplines. An MBA in marketing is an advantage.
• Minimum of Five years experience in a multi-channel content creation and distribution position is a prime requirement for this position.
• Track record in audience development and creating of content for defined demographics.
• Training in multi-channel story-telling, using words, images, or audio, and video.
• Ability to lead and inspire team of content creators to manage breaking and deep-background news and feature stories.

The Senior Content Manager reports to the Chief Executive Officer.

The Senior Technology Manager pursues the company’s business mission, through strategic deployment of the company’s intranet and internet infrastructure. He/She works with senior management to envision and deliver the company’s hard and soft products, and animates the company’s online presence through various applications on the internet.

Job Description: The Senior Technology Manager will function in the key areas of Strategy and Planning, Implementation and Deployment, and Operations Management. In pursuing the company’s Strategy and Planning objectives, the Senior Technology Manager will:
• Identify opportunities and risks incidental to delivering the company’s web-based products and services, including identifying competing services, and options for innovation to assure business success.
• Advise on the provisioning of appropriate technology platforms needed to deliver the company’s products and services.
• Develop work plans for evaluating, creating and deploying web-based products and services.
• Maximise the company’s resources in software development, computing and office networks, and telecommunications-support services.
• Co-ordinate the various departments and sections of the company to choose and recommend technologies essential to the organisational needs of the company.
• Articulate and communicate to stakeholders, especially owners, managers, staff, suppliers and customers, the technology strategy of the company.
In assisting with the Implementation and Deployment goals of the company, the Senior Technology Manager will:
* Advise senior management in selecting, registering and administering the company’s web site domain names, and overseeing web hosting and related digital services.
* Set up and manage the company’s email service, and also serve as the System Administrator of the company.
* Select and manage the company’s web-based wiki, blog, chat room and project management systems.
• Manage the company’s staff or suppliers, such as website and graphic designers, towards set up of the company’s websites and related digital properties.
• Organise and monitor web analytics system to measure traffic on the company’s websites, towards achievement of the set goals of the business.
• Deploy internet marketing and search engine optimisation in the provision of market support for the company’s products and services.
• Initiate the customer service and support procedures of the company, through use of software engineering processes.
To realise the operational management objectives of the company, the Senior Technology Manager will:
* Define and communicate companywide values and standards for acquisition or development of systems, equipment, or software for the company’s operations.
• Ensure the maintenance of standards and best practices for use of technology throughout the organisation.
• Formulate and control the operating and capital budgets of the company for purchase and deployment of technology-based products and services.
• Recruit, train and retain technology development staff in line with the hiring and personnel policies of the company.
• Establish Performance Review System and Service Level Agreements for engaging and managing Staff and Vendors respectively.
Education and Experience:
• A University degree in computer science, computer engineering, business administration, or related discipline. A Master’s or higher degree in a related discipline is an advantage.
• Proven ability to solve business problems with web-based services.
• Minimum of Five year experience in developing web applications in startup and/or growing companies.
• Hands-on skill in coding in not fewer than two popular web applications like CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, C Language, PHP, SQL, Python, Ruby and AJAX.
• Track record in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.
• Sound knowledge of, and familiarity with, business theory and practice, business processes, corporate governance, business management, budgeting, and administration.

The Senior Technology Manager reports to the Chief Executive Officer.

The Senior Marketing and Sales Manager is responsible for generating multiple revenue streams for the company, from print circulation and advertising, digital advertising and products/services sales, and sponsorship opportunities. He/She defines policy, strategy and programmes to obtain maximum revenue for our multimedia publishing enterprise.

The ideal candidate must possess demonstrable experience in monetising print and digital media properties. The successful candidate will require outstanding strategic vision, an understanding of old, new and emerging media, and the ability to operate at both local and international levels.
Job Description: The Senior Marketing and Sales Manager will be accountable for all marketing and selling activities of the company, and printing, publishing, sponsorship and advertising billings will be the key revenue stream. He/She will formulate and recommend a practical digital media strategy. The key responsibilities will be as follows:
• To achieve the annual target of a minimum of N120 million in Gross Sales.
• To direct the strategy, planning and execution of the company’s sales activities.
• To deliver, manage and develop preferred partners, sponsors and advertisers consistent with the company’s objectives.
• To oversee the recruitment, management and interaction of senior personnel within the Sales and Marketing Department.
• To ensure that the company’s messages are distributed across channels and targeted audiences in order to meet its marketing and sales goals.
• To review and recommend advertising campaigns, marketing reports and data collection, vendor contracts, billing and the Department’s income and expenditure budgets.
Education and Experience:
A University degree in Marketing, Business Management, Statistics or similar field.
Minimum of Five years of relevant work in Marketing, Sales, or related field.
• Experience in printing, publishing and monetisation of digital properties is a prime requirement.
• Knowledge in a variety of disciplines, including old and new media, information technology and sponsorship development.
• Prior success in critical market segments, prospecting, marketing and selling.
• Management of marketing and sales team through use of weekly reports.
• Leverage of internet marketing assets by updating of information and placement of sales materials.
• Experience in Customer Relationship Management systems and Market Research.

The Senior Marketing and Sales Manager reports to the Chief Executive Officer.

Qualified candidates should send their Curriculum Vitae to The Publisher by email, before or by Tuesday, November 24, 2015, at:

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