Things You Should Never Tell Anyone About Your Partner…

10 Oct 2008 --- Woman Whispering to Man --- Image by © SimplyMui/Masterfile/Corbis

Don’t tell people things that will make them look down on your partner

Don’t tell anyone to try seducing your partner to prove their loyalty. They may end up winning their love

Don’t sit down and tell people about your partners dream except it’s to get investors, instead get behind him or her

Don’t tell people how weak your partner is. Someone may use it against them.

Don’t be quick to tell people how much you quarrel with your partner, keep quiet while you settle issues from inside.

Men don’t tell your friends how good your wife is in bed, that’s a secret between you and your wife.

Ladies, a friend may be eyeing your husband and that’s why you shouldn’t tell them what moves him most.

Don’t tell the children that their father is a bad man. It can make them hate him.

Don’t tell anybody your partner’s past mistakes, it is too risky for your marriage

Don’t sit down with people and tell them bad things about your husband or wife

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