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Things You Should Never Do To A Man…

Alright… so you found this guy you are so attracted to. He is everything you want. You hope that he feels the same way. Whenever you see him your heart keep beating. So one day he walks up to you and you were shocked. He told you he wants a relationship with you. You accepted. Wow! Congratulations, Your new love story has just began. But take note… if you are hoping to build a long term relationship, there are things you should note. Try not do these things to your man.

1. Never disrespect your man. A man values respect as much as he values your love and attention. Try as much as possible to respect your man. There will be argument and heated moment but watch your tongue.

2. Complaining every time, always finding wrong things to say about everything can be a huge turn off for your man. Learn to be positive. Learn to say something good!

3. Never expect your man to read your mind always. Some ladies expect a man to read their mind and know what they have in mind. But men are not God. They cant know your mind. You will only kill your relationship if you can’t tell him your mind.

4. Don’t be too demanding! Even if your man is a father Christmas, there is a limit to everything! In as much as he should be caring, you also have to remind yourself that if he is not yet your husband, you cant hold him for your every need. Expecting everything from him, will make you lose your respect and terrorize his life

5. Give him space! Never put too much pressure on your man. Allow him to watch his soccer and talk to his friend without getting mad.

6. For goodness sake, stop nagging! What makes you think you will have a good relationship if you nag and raise your voice at the slightest provocation?

7. Don’t demand for the things you can afford on your own!

8. Don’t say things you don’t mean! This can ruin a good relationship if it becomes an habit. Don’t tell him you will visit tomorrow when know you won’t! Don’t tell him things you know you cant meet up!

9. Don’t get busy with your phone when he is telling you something serious. This can push him away in silence.

10. Stop talking about other men always. What is the benefit of telling your man about what all friend’s boyfriend did to them? Or gisting him about guys with 6 pcs? If you are too obsess with a movie, music or sport star, learn to calm down some times.

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