The Things You Must Not Do During Dating:


When some people are in love, its like they are no longer themselves. They do abnormal things. We should always allow our brain to control our emotion.
Don’t be too excited, don’t be carried away.


Dear Ladies For your own good.

1. Please Do not use your guy’s picture as your profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc, If you already doing that please stop it, its not advisable, as long as both of you are not married yet. But husband and wife are free to do that, if you use your boyfriend picture as your profile and unfortunately he dumped you…… Na who loose?
You already scared some responsible men who has an interest in you away. So What now?

2. Guys, do not use your girlfriend’s picture as your profile picture on Facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc, it doesn’t make sense.

3. It is not proper for you to fight over your boyfriend/girlfriend.

4. Do not cohabit, i.e a guy and a girl should not live together in a house if they are not yet married. As a lady, when you pack out of your parents house and start living with your boyfriend, i see you as a harlot and a stupid girl without shame. How dare you sell yourself too cheap, you stays in the same house with a guy who’s not married to you yet, you perform a duty of a married women, you cook for him, wash for him, and he eventually sleep with you every night as his wife, my dear what are you then?
If a man did not pay your bride price before keeping you in his house, he will never value you and your parents.
He will never think of getting married to you because he already gotten all he wanted, so what else?
Ladies wise up!

5. There is nothing wrong in a guy spending money on his girl, but the girl should not take it as if it is the responsibility of the guy to feed her, cloth her and sponsor her. As long as the guy is not yet married to you,
whatever money he gives to you is just an assistance.
It is not his responsibility or duty to give you money.

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