Sisters Make £75, 000 Posting Their Sexy Selfie On Social Media, All From Men They Have Never Seen Before

Three Sisters by name Lucy, Sophie and Stacie have made a fortune posting their sexy photos on social media according to a report by Mirror in United Kingdom.

You will think that when they put up their pictures, it is all about the likes and comments but it is not, some men go as far as sending them Gifts and from calculations, these gifts are worth a collective £75, 000. The Gifts Items they have received from men who have never seen them include designer shoes and handbags, laptops, iPads , luxury cosmetics and flowers.

Lucy Brooks is 28, Sophie is 26 and Stacie is 25. Sohpie is single while her sisters have boyfriends. Lucy a mother of one, Sophie a mother of two. They own hair and beauty salon.

Lucy says there is nothing wrong with what they are doing “It’s not seedy. It’s hardly like we’re selling our bodies. We’re doing many of these men a favour. They love our pictures and tell us how fun we look. We brighten up their day, in an innocent way.

“We’d never meet or do anything sexual. We’re not like that. My boyfriend doesn’t have a problem with it. He thinks it’s funny, if anything. Although he’s stuck on what to get for Christmas as I already have so much.

“These men are harmless. Lots have things missing in their lives. Maybe they’re lonely or lack ­confidence. They don’t have a glamorous girl to treat at home, so they get a kick out of buying for us. It’s sweet.”

Some of their gifts

Computers £4,500

Dining table £400

Antique mirror £700

iPads £2,100

Photography gear £2,000

Perfume £5,000

Shoes £5,000

Handbags £3,000

Gift cards £15,000

TVs £800

Sound system £400

Flowers £10,400

Ugg boots £2,250

Makeup £24,000

Watch £150

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