Late HID Awolowo To To Be Burried In Gold Casket, Clad In Damask She Kept 36 Years Ago

According to a report by Tribune, the late wife of Awolowo, Chief (Dr) Hannah Idowu Dideolu Awolowo will be buried in white damask cloth she kept 30 years ago.

Her daughter, Reverend (Mrs) Tola Oyediran was quoted as saying “Mama in her unique way had kept a white damask to be laid in her casket whenever she died since the day she stopped her fabric sales business. And if I am not mistaken, I think she stopped selling fabrics around 1979; meaning that since then, she had kept that damask for that purpose. That is her wish and it will be like that.”

Reverend Oyediran also informed Nigerian Tribune that her casket made of gold would be brought in from the United States of America. Her mother, Oyediran further added, would be buried beside her husband inside the Awolowo mausoleum in the compound.

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