Igbos Have Forgiven The Niger Delta For Betraying Them During The Civil War — Evah

The Coordinator of Ijaw Monitoring Group, Comrade Joseph Evah, has said that the Igbos have forgiven the Niger Delta for taking side with the North and betraying them during the Civil war. He also speak on attempts by some element within Ijaw to hijack the Goodluck Jonathan administration. He said this in an interview published by the vanguard

Speaking on the observation from the interviewer that number of persons from the Niger Delta region felt that the Ijaw took over everything and looked down on the rest of the Niger Delta people when Jonathan was in power. here is what he said

“A lot of our people were actually misbehaving and we cautioned them. They were behaving as if this was the time for Ijaw people as if it was Christmas Day and the Christmas Day is forever and we cautioned them.

We tried to caution them that Jonathan was representing all Niger Deltans.

In fact, not only the Niger Delta, when people tried to make Jonathan an Ijaw President or tried to do as if Jonathan ends with Ijaw we tried to warn them that it is very dangerous. For example, 100% of the Igbo committed themselves to Jonathan’s presidency. That was why when Ojukwu died, I organised farewell to Emeka Ojukwu. I mobilised over 5000 people to the National Theatre. I paid N1.5 million to mobilise over 5000 people to take over the National Theater for us to celebrate Ojukwu. The Eze Ndi Igbo were there. I took micro finance loan to organize it and I announced it.

The reason was that during the war, we did not follow the Igbos. We supported the northerners against our Igbo brothers. Now, Jonathan is the President of Nigeria, Igbo had to forget about the way we maltreated them during the war, collectively decided to support Jonathan.

Now, the symbol of Igbo greatness, I call him the Ndi Igbo Black Moses, that is Ojukwu, I said there is need for us to celebrate Ojukwu. We will not allow Ojukwu’s burial without the Niger Delta people celebrating Ojukwu. That was why I organised that and thanked the Igbo for forgiving us because during the civil war, we joined outsiders to kill them. Today our son is the President, you Igbo decided to forgive us.”

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