I Wish She Could Pause And Read This…

There’s a young good girl in my neighborhood that is dating a handsome but very bad boy, every voice from her parent, friends and well wishers to make her reason otherwise falls on her deaf ears, she is so deep in love with the young man who beats her at will, the young girl is a graduate of pharmacy but the handsome young man is still an undergraduate, the other day I caught them together at a dark corner the boy was teaching her how to smoke, as I watched from a distance as she learned smoking, laughing heartedly, my heart boiled as I remember Whitney Houston, Whitney was beautiful, talented, classy, rich lady with lots of prospects, she was from a Christian home with a solid church background with a very good mother.

Whitney Houston was one of America’s pride second only to Michael Jackson, her fame came with honor, she was name one of the Most influential black women as she became the first woman ever whose song sold ten million copies worldwide, Whitney Houston was great but all that ended when she fell for Bobby Brown, Brown, then a young handsome singer with a difficult carrier lived a Street like lifestyle, Bobby’s junkie lifestyle made the whole world rose up to warn Whitney to quit the relationship but the She paid deaf ears instead went too deep into marriage with Bobby.

Bobby turned her to a punching bag, introduced her to drugs and ruin her career, Even after divorcing Bobby Whitney Houston could not recover, she died of drugs abuse in a hotel after getting tired of life, just recently her only gain in all her struggle, her daughter dropped dead in a controversial manner, there is no gain in loving a bad person, many good girls who are in love with bad boys normally say that their drive is sexual and romantic pleasure.

I have learned a lot about Emotional Pleasure, pleasure is vanity, emotional pleasure is temporary pleasure, it is what we want not what we need, go for what you need not what you want, there are people who’s relationship with you should be temporary, face reality, forget the physique that tempts you, forget about the romantic strength, face reality face life.

In So many Cases the bad boy may be rich and your drive is material, he beats you, humiliate you, makes you loose your self-esteem, turn you to what you’re not and make you do what you shouldn’t do yet you can’t leave him because he pays your bills, you believe you can’t do without him, please wake up.

If you are reading this now and this happens to be your story please arise, quit what is not your kind, take a bold step of faith and walk away from a bad relationship today, believe in yourself and the best will come your way. Happy Sunday

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