I Want To List 50 Things I Love About My Man

This was written by a Lady from EP.

1. The way he makes me smile or laugh when I’m in a crappy mood
2. The way he pretends my music taste is “interesting” but really he thinks it’s rubbish *she giggles*
3. That he makes me feel safe
4. The way he makes me do things I never thought I would do
5. He’s made me believe in myself alot more giving me more confidence
6. The way he goes along with my crazy stories/sarcasm
7. The way he makes me melt inside by saying sweet and romantic things to me
8. Even though he lives miles away in a different continent I know I can trust him and he has the same trust for me
9. The way he makes me feel safe at all times
10. The way he shakes his head at me for doing/saying something silly
11. His smile
12. His laugh
13. The way he says darling it sounds so cute
14. The way he yawns and says it’s a cough, not fooling anyone baby 😉
15. His eyes.. how could I forget that I think they are beautiful eyes 🙂
16. His kisses
17. His accent.. shhhh Reece you do have an accent 😛
18. How he makes me feel worth it and actually wanted
19. That he’s a total book worm he’s read loads since he left England 😛
20. He just wants me to be happy
21. Travels half way round the world to be with me
22. His man crush on Kurt Cobain *she giggles*
23. That he is always on my mind
24. He doesn’t pressure me into things I don’t want to do
25. He’s this taller than me
26. I can see myself with him for ALONG time
27. He is always there for me
28. His sense of humour
29. He loves me just the way I am
30. The way he teases me
31. He also lets me tease him
32. He’s Australian/Tasmanian 🙂
33. His tattoos especially the one on his chest
34. His tounge peircing
35. Claims he is the biggest Nirvana “fan”
36. His hair
37. He sticks his tongue out at me
38. Know I can talk to him about anything
39. When things are rough we always manage to sort it out
40. The gifts and gestures he leaves me on EP
41. His smell
42. How he makes me feel when I’m with him
43. Love the way he tackle hugs me over
44. How he comforts me
45. That he wants to be with me and no one else
46. He cares
47. He’s adorable
48. The way he holds my hand
49. The way he can act like a 5 year old sometimes, it’s so cute 😛
50. When he says I love you

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