Holding Hands In Public: Ladies Dont Joke With It!

Guys, Do you know that women in general love it when a man hold their hand in public? Well if you didn’t know that then now I am telling you that they love it and it makes them feel loved.

But hold on, before you grab a lady’s hand in public, be sure she is in love with you or else you will be getting a serious embarrassment you never imagine.

Typically A lady will only feel good holding the hand of someone she has special interest in. If she is not feeling you then better not try it.

But if she is into you, even-though she feel shy and tense, she will remember that holding of hand for a long time to come!

Why not try it? When next you go shopping or jst hanging out with that lady you love, grab her hand in yours. Dont be too hard and dont be too soft.

Dont forget to thank me later…


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