Dear Abel Abel… My boyfriend is treating me bad.

I have this guy that fell for me 8yrs ago but we part ways becoz each of us had to go for further studies so we left our relationship pending,some how along the way due to lack of communication we both got new lovers and move on but in the middle of it all we got single his ex decided to go abroad n got someone else likewise my ex took back his old girlfriend.

and so we got back and started our relationship again,I have been so much in love with this guy but in a one month period he started changing,he became so rude to me and found me disgusting for no reason .its not until i insisted on him to tell me what wrong i had done to him.he then confessed that he made some girl pregnant unknowingly and he asked me to give our relationship abreak and that he wanted to concentrate on the pregnant girl of which I agreed .he told me he didnt love this girl but since she got pregnant he had no choice. he always told me of how bad he felt for the mistake he had done. i was so supportive to him despite the fact that that had happened but after 3weeks he called me back again and told me the girl had gotten a miscarrage.

I thought this made him happy because after all he took the pregnancy as a burden since he already had a son from some other girl he loved years back, so he calls me back and pleads with me to understand him,I accepted because I really loved him but what really bothers me is that he now says he loves both of us the girl that was pregnant and me and yet when she was pregnant he used to say that he never loved her so I gave him a condition of telling this girl that hes in love with the two of us just as he had told me, he got so mad at me and he told me he can never do such a thing .

To me it feels like he takes me for a side dish and the other girl is the love of his life because the girls family knows him and no one knows me . I tried telling him tointroduce me to his mother and he hestitated .
And now I dont know if i should move on or stay.

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its better u part for good because that guy is making u a shield when in trouble, meaning that he doesnt love you.

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