Barcelona Players Including Suarez And Neymar Forced To Apologize For Halloween TV Prank

After Barcelona defeated Getafe 2-0 in a La Liga side Getafe, some Barcelona players including, Luis Suarez, Gerard Pique and Neymar dressed up as ghouls and burst into a live TV press conference!

However, Getafe players did not find it funnyWhat were the Barcelona players thinking? Sound like what children will do

Barcelona have apologized over the incident.

An official statement on behalf of the offending players read: “In no case was it our intention to offend and/or hurt any member of Getafe’s team. Our emergence in the post-game interview area during Víctor Rodríguez’s press conference was an unfortunate and involuntary accident. We would like to personally apologise to him, as well as to express our respect for him.”

The statement maintains that the incident was purely accidental, infering that once they became aware of their surroundings they quickly made a swift exit.

“The images recorded demonstrate that one of the players who was participating said: “Where are we going? We went the wrong way.”

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