An Unkind Wedding Gift From A Colleague

A not-so-young girl who works in Cross River State was getting married.
Her colleagues organized a party to rejoice with her over her departure from the single’s Club. Everyone was eating, drinking and smiling at the get-together, until a member of staff walked in who is noted for cracking embarrassing jokes at most unexpected moments.

None of his colleagues has asked him why he behaves that way, but a source close to him says he is not exactly 100 percent healthy, upstairs.

Anyway, this girl had a reputation for sleeping around with all the big guys at work, all of whom were married. She was always there for the asking, for whoever was ready to foot the love bill very generously. Her most regular sugar-daddy was one of the administrative chiefs. The liaison gave her considerable advantage while it lasted: no promotion wind ever blew without touching her. But on her day of joy, nobody wanted to discuss this open secret, except of course the notorious joker .

Somewhere in-between the flow of drinks and peals of laughter, this man stood up and said he wanted to speak.
He got his chance. And he did speak!

“I congratulate our colleague on this occasion” he began. “This must be one of the happiest days of her life. I know this because she has now got what she has spent many years looking for. I’m sure her success in getting a husband is a gift from God.

“You see, that’s why it’s good to be good. Even the Bible said it: that God loves a cheerful giver. We all know that (he mentioned the girl’s name) is a cheerful giver. Even one of the administrative chiefs can bear witness to the truth of this statement. Once again, I say congrats.”

You could have heard a pin drop when this speaker sat down. Everybody was so embarrassed. Nobody wanted to look the other in the face. In fact, many people got up and left, abruptly.

As for the girl in question, the look on her face could have made the man drop dead; if only looks could kill.

Written by By Saviour Udoh, an Abel Abel contributor. Click here to follow him on facebook Or You can find him on twitter @Saviourudohxb

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