Akwa United Players Were Given Pure Water During The Federation Cup Final

Just look at these pictures. You will be surprised that why European teams treat their players with utmost respect and value, Nigerian teams take their players for a ride!

As I was in the stadium yesterday to watch the Federation cup final between my darling Akwa United and Lobi Stars, someone touched me and pointed at something. As looked around… my eyes went directly to the Akwa United bench. What I saw was a bag of pure water. Yes a bag or pure water!




I do not know if it was the team or the organizers that was responsible for this but it is really not good enough!

Another observation, all the fans outside the stadium were busy running after politicians. When the players came out, they rarely cheered or celebrate them! Some players just walked in the crowd like spectators. But the moment a politician is out… the cheers and pursuit was enormous.


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