20-year-old lady Set up her friend to be raped!

A 20-year-old lady has confessed that she set up her friend to be gang raped because of a misunderstanding between them.

Her friend who was the victim was ambushed by six armed men suspected to be cultist in Lagos.

The men took turns on her for over four hours inside an apartment they took her to.

According vanguard, The she has been arrested by the police.

A police source was quoted as saying “She said it was after an argument that she threatened to deal with the victim. A few days later, the victim was raped.

“The victim will be invited here tomorrow (Thursday), where both of them will sit face-to-face, during the interrogation section.

“We are also on the trail of the suspected rapists. Thereafter, they will all be charged to court. Currently, the victim is in good condition after undergoing treatment.”


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