10 Things Every Man Should Remember…

1. Your girl is your second half. Yes you are the man; she knows that you are the man; you don’t need to remind her about it. It is wrong for a guy to be constantly and always telling his girl/wife that he is the head of the relationship.

2. Don’t be too authoritative.

3. Don’t be too hard and don’t be too soft. If you are too hard, she will have phobia for you and even hate you. If you are too soft, she will take you for granted.

4. Whenever she does something wrong, scold her a little and after a few minutes, draw her closer to you, hug her and kiss her.

5. Whenever you and her have a quarrel, after a few minutes hug her and kiss her telling her sweet words.
6. Don’t command her to wash your clothes; plead with her to do so.

7. Learn how to use the word,”please”, whenever you want her to do something for you.

8. Don’t be too over protective. Allow her to visit her to visit her male and female friends. Infact allow her to call her male friends. You should trust her. Or else don’t date the girl you don’t trust. For the fact that she is dating you does not mean that she cannot have male friends.

9. Always apologise whenever you offend her.

10. Treat her like an angel. She will convert your house into Heaven.

Written by Abel Abel

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