The woman of my dream…

So I was sitting on the floor and crying… A lot of things has gone wrong and I wanted to give up. I keep telling myself I am a man and a man shouldn’t cry…But I couldnt help it… I didnt want life no more…

Then the door opened and she walked in. As I looked at her, our eyes met, I quickly buried my face in my hands because I was ashamed that such a beautiful girl should see me in my miserable state, crying and weeping like a baby eventhough I am a man.

I thought she would turn back… I thought she would be irritated. I thought she would go away and never want to see me again….

But she came to me… She used her white shirt and clean my tears. As i looked at her, i could see tears beginning to roll in her eyes… She carried me up and led me inside the room.

She kissed me and held me close and then she said ”I know it has been tough with you. I can feel your pain in my heart. Do not be ashamed, it’s not a crime to cry. When a man falls, he can rise… It is time for you to rise”

I looked at her surprised that a woman would be so understanding and nice… She squeezed my right hands, kissed me again and then she said ”Do not worry, I will be with you, Together we will overcome’

Then she took me to the bathroom.. She clean me up. Put a new dress on me and she prepared a delicious meal for me…

Just then, I got a phone call… It was a good news… I have just been given a two million dollars contract!

I screamed in excitement.. I carried her up… sit her on my head…because she is my crown. Then I put her down… Looked into her eyes and inside her eyes all I could see is True love.

Then I smile because I have seen the wonders which only True love can do.

But just then…the alarm on my phone ring. I woke up, I am late for work. Hope i dont get fired as i hustle to the bus-stop to get on a boss and get to work…

Can that dream be a reality?

Lol this is my dream… Do not copy it, do not steal it.

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